how to make a lined jacket with hood: pattern


so here is the step by step for my jacket. I still wear it almost everyday… until it gets to cold 😉

DSCF5099For the hood I used a well fitting hood of jacket I own.

DSCF5100drew around then added seam allowances all around

DSCF5101for the bodice I used  #102 of burda magazine 3/2004, which I already used for this and this. the back parts and side part I just copied onto another paper.

DSCF5102the sleeve parts I copied without the slit parts

DSCF5103and the front I folded at the centre front, and then only copied the front part without facing

DSCF5104now I put front and back part next to each other, the seam allowances on top of each other. and measured around

DSCF5105and around the hood, which was way bigger then the neckline of the jacket

DSCF5106so I drew another neckline 1 cm parallel to the original one

DSCF5107DSCF5108and cut and measured again

DSCF5109but the hood was still bigger so I drew again a new line at the back seam

DSCF5110and the front

DSCF5111and cut, the hood still has a little ease, but thats fine.

I hope everything was understandable and this is helpful for you, let me know if anything need more or better explanations!

Next week I show you the cutting with some tricks what I do when cutting wool.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. Oh, that is so interesting. I’ve started to adapt and change patterns only recently, and it always feels like I’m going in blind because I’ve no idea what I’m doing, so I’m always interested in tutorials like that. Thank you for posting this!

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