not enough fabric


so I wanted to start working on the skirt I drew here, and then I noticed, my fabric is only 90cm wide, and because of that I do not have enough fabric 😦 does that happen to you, too? Maybe it will be enough for a nice blouse…

DSCF5662its not folded in the middle or anything, that is how wide the fabric is… no way I can cut that pattern 4 times out of the fabric.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. Oh yes, that happens to me as well… I’ll think, oh that pattern would look really great in that fabric from my stash and then it will turn out I’ve only bought 1.5m while I really need at least 2m. Then I’ll try to be really creative with the layout and realise that it’s jut not going to work and give up…

      • 90 cm is a very strange width, I probably wouldn’t have noticed that either, it’s even narrower than quilting cottons. I also started buying longer amounts of fabric and then of course I end up needing much less for the project and are left with 0.5m. I don’t think these fabric problems will ever go away until I start buying only fabrics with a specific pattern in mind (and don’t change my mind at some point, that happens quite often as well…).

      • yeah I guess that would be a solutions, but what about all those nice fabrics that cross your way and just scream: buy me 😉 I just cant go and leave them there;) Most fabrics, especially cotton that I have 0.5m left or a little more or less go into my “shop-stash”. Since I do stuffed animals, bags and baby cloth 0.5m often is enough for items like that, but it of course also gives me excuses to buy half a meter of any cute print that I see;)

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