how to make dungarees: flap to pants and waistband


one day late, sorry, but here are the next steps for the dungarees. If you didn’t see the first parts yet, you can find them here: part1, part2, part3.

DSCF5281now I pinned the flap to the front of the pants

DSCF5282then measured around how long the waistband needed to be

DSCF5290and cut the waistband

DSCF5291now I pinned the waistband to the back of the pants, then sewed both, careful at the zipper

DSCF5294then I folded it over and the seam allowance inside

DSCF5295at the other side then the zipper I had to cut in a little bit

DSCF5296DSCF5299now I pinned the seam allowance of the flap on the inside inside, from the right side, and sewed, close to the original seam

DSCF5297next I folded the ends of the waistband

DSCF5298and drew a triangle, see how I learned since the flap skirt? I considered the seam allowance before drawing a triangle


DSCF5301cut and turned right side out

DSCF5302now I pinned the still open seam allowance on the inside, up and inside the waistband, and sewed as with the flap right next to the original seam

DSCF5303and tested how it looked with buttons.

I hope this was helpful for you! If there are any questions, requests for tutorials, wishes, let me know!

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keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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