how I sewed my camera-bag: sewing part3


so guess what? When I just beat my first cold there was  a second one waiting for me around the corner, knocking me down and keeping me in bed for last week. 😦 I hope my sewing machines weren’t missing me to bad. Anyhow thats why there haven’t been any of the promised tutorials uploaded. I am hoping for the best and will try again. The new burda came to stores last wednesday, but I only found one pattern I might consider sewing. So I thought I still have 2 burda-projects to finish and I will do that first and this month pattern will be up for the vote together with patterns I find in next months issue.

Anyhow here are the next steps for the camera bag, the other parts are here: part1, part2 and part3

DSCF6677next I pinned the corners of the pocket and pocket-cover together and sewed

DSCF6678then I placed the pocket on the outside-bag

DSCF6679tested the size

DSCF6680cut it a little shorter

DSCF6681and sewed it

DSCF6682I only texted the cover, but did not sew it yet

DSCF6683for the other side I made a smaller pocket

DSCF6684also with a cover

DSCF6685same sewing process

DSCF6686one small and one big pocket

DSCF6687next I measured with elastic ribbon around the bag

DSCF6688closed 2 each to a circle

DSCF6689and sewed them to the middle of the outside-bag

I hope this was helpful for you, if you have any questions left let me know! The last steps will be online in a week.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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