organizing sewing supplies: threads


I remembered I started a post series about how I organize my sewing supplies a while ago, but could not remember why I stopped. So I thought I might just start again and hope you are still interested in it.

Here is how I keep my threads organized:

DSCF6769This shelf is mostly used to keep all my different kinds of thread in order.

DSCF6770 DSCF6771 my overlock-threads take up quite some space

DSCF6772 DSCF6773the normal sewing threads I keep in this boxes, organized by color

DSCF6774then I also have those 2 boxes

DSCF6775in the green box I keep my bobbins, I have different sewing machines that require different bobbins, so I try to keep it all organized in there. I keep buying more and more bobbins, because for some reason I never seem to have enough. Do you have that problem as well?

DSCF6776 DSCF6777In the white box I keep my thicker threads, for original looking seams on denim-pants, markings inside a pattern piece or buttonholes, if the terrible day comes and I have to do them by hand. I am so happy I have a machine for buttonholes.

Well this are my threads, thinking of it, its quite a big selection, even though for some reason I often pick fabrics that don’t match any of the threads I already have and then I go and buy some more…

How big is you thread collection and how do you keep it organized?

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


      • No, most times I go to the fabric shop thinking I want to make a … Let’s say… Blue print shirt… So if I find the blue print I get thread to match, which just might be the same as what I have at home. Sometimes I say I want to use the red fabric in my stash. Then I check at home for zippers, thread, and stuff. But the fabric, pattern and supplies stash just continues to grow! 😃 not something I am really sorry about though!

      • as long as there is enough space to store the stash 😉 I gave quite a few fabrics away a while ago, just because I did not have the space for it, and it was mostly colors that do not fit my style anymore

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