how to sew… binding variation2


I hope you all had a wonderful christmas time with your family, if you celebrate christmas.

and happy new year! I wish you all a great new year with lots of sewing projects that will be successes and just a few failures, to learn some important things. 😉

Here is finally the next variation of how you can do binding at edges:

DSCF7782 (copy)for this I folded my binding open and placed it edge on edge, right sides facing each other

DSCF7783 (copy)and sewed in the fold next to the edgesDSCF7784 (copy) then folded the binding upDSCF7785 (copy)and over to the other sideDSCF7786 (copy)the last fold I ironed flat and the folded it again:
DSCF7787 (copy)to make the end folded inside smallerDSCF7788 (copy)this way my binding on the wrong side is a little wider then on the right side. Now I pinned it in placeDSCF7789 (copy)and sewed through the original seam on the right sideDSCF7790 (copy)this way the seam is almost invisible on the right side but clearly visible at the wrong side.

Do you have any questions about this so far? Do not hesitate to ask!

In variation 3 I will show you how to do binding without any visible seams.

Do you like the print on my binding? You can order the fabric here, in different color combinations as well.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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