how to sew… binding variation1


here is the last series of photos I took before my move. It is about different versions of how to do binding. Today it is the first version, which only requires 1 seam, but that seam is visible on both sides. I will show you 2 different versions within the next days.

DSCF7760Because I will only do binding on a straight edge, I cut my binding stripes with the grain, if you do binding on curves you need to cut it on the bias.DSCF7761I cut a strip that is the 4times the final width.DSCF7762then folded that in the middle and ironed that foldDSCF7763now I folded the edges towards that middle lineDSCF7764first one side DSCF7765then the otherDSCF7766 then I cut a strip as long as my fabric pieceDSCF7767the edge of the fabric piece right at the middle foldDSCF7768and covered the edge with the binding and pinned it in placeDSCF7769through both sidesDSCF7770looks like this from the sideDSCF7771 and sewed it with straight stitching.  You can also sew with zigzag, it is a little easier to sew through all layers this way and not miss a stitch on the other side of the binding. DSCF7772Well, I hope this was helpful for you. If you have any questions about this so far, do not hesitate to ask!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. I have been sewing for about fifty years. Thanks for the information It’s what I do at the bottom but most of the time I like to add binding as decoration other places on my outfits It would be great if you have an easier tip for that.

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