how to sew… a retro apron part1: pattern


it seems there are two kinds of people in this world: apron-lovers or apron-haters. I definitely belong to the first category. Which is partly my own clumsiness… I always spill something. As you all know I like my clothes with a retro vibe, so when I found this vogue pattern,  I had to buy it:


I want to do apron C:


The only thing I do not like are the ruffles on the hips, so I made some changes:


I measured the length at the middle apron-part where the apron-skirt-part will be attached to, so I would know how many additional centimeters are in the skirt-part

dscf8202 dscf8203

Now I divided the area into 5 stripes


and drew darts to take away the centimeters I will not need


and folded the darts together and pinned them. This way I still can use that pattern one day with the ruffle look. You never know 😉


and I shortened the front top part, so the waist is 2 cm higher because that is where my waist is


and the same with the back front part

Do you have any questions about this project so far? Do not hesitate to ask!

What kind of apron-person are you?

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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