TailorFairy History: the unusual posts


Staying in 2014 on my trip down memory lane: 2 of the most-read posts of that year are unusual posts. But I still understand why they have been read so much. Not because they were great or particularly well written, but because you could get something out of them, or they were part of something different.

One was about a giveaway. I send quite a few boxes with fabric and yarn to anywhere in the world that year. 🙂 Still, I was surprised about the great response I got.


The other one is the only German post on this blog. Somebody had nominated this little blog for a German Sewing Blog Competition and to participate I had to answer all these questions in German. So the whole post is in 2 languages. I guess all those views were from the people voting for the blogs in the competition…


What do you think? Have you taken part in my polls and giveaway back in 2014? Did you win something and what did you create out of it? What do you think about Blog Contests?

keep sewing and smiling

your Fairy

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