limited colour​ palette print collection


These designs I made for another Spoonflower Design Challenge. It was about only using only 4 specific colour (and black and white if needed) for the design. I liked the colour-combination so much I did quite a few designs again. Now you could use any of them together for one project because the colours would fit.


I wish I had more time so I could sew something out of every print I design. 😉

Well, anyhow, if you like (any of) them, you can find them here and order them on fabric or paper, or even already sewn bedding or dining items.

What about you? Do you like prints and patterns on your fabric? What kind? Do you always find what you want?

keep sewing and smiling

your Fairy


  1. Do I like prints and patterns on my fabric? YESSSSSSS!!! Preferably in the colours white, blue and red. They are also the colours that I combine almost daily in my clothes. The fabrics I buy are mostly with stripes (in the colours mentioned) or maritime motifs. I have so many of them in my sewing closet that I can sew for a whole school class 😀
    Oh yes, I also like Christmas fabrics very much. Or tartans. You see I like a wide range of prints and patterns 🙂

    • you can never go wrong with maritime colours and patterns 😉 Living in northern Germany I see them all the time.
      Glad to know another print and patterns enthusiast.

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