adventure preparation 39

(This is a weekly blogging series, started before I did my first weeklong bicycle tour around the little belt on the Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route.  Now I want to do the whole Bicycle Route next year, and for that, I do some shorter tours to stay in training, study Danish, do other sports, sew some things, plan, map, buy, and worry. And blog about that every Sunday… it is an adventure already.)


I got a cold. And some new gear, so let us focus on the positive. 🙂


All of this I ordered via amazon, most of it thanks to a gift card I got from my parents for Christmas.


Straps from FIXPLUS to secure stuff to the bicycle


A portable washing machine by Scrubba.


A short (and therefore light) loading cable by Bolatus.


And some additional accessories by Followsun for the action cam. I will try out some of it on my next trip to Lübeck.

And last but not least I ordered new pants with a cushion for cycling by Gonso. They are in the same size I tried on before, but still a little smaller, so I will have to add a new waistband. The problem is mostly that my waist is higher than clothing companies think and because of that the waistband is not in my waist but on my hips… and creates a muffin top I normally do not have (that bad). The cushion and the pants are still great though.

My other weekly preparation:

I studied Danish for 10 minutes today, jay me, finally starting again,

did 6 mornings with 4 yoga-flows,

4 evenings training feet + stretch,

did 2 functional fitness for cyclists workout, (and had a lot of sore muscles)

went to the gym 1 time: 27.24km in 65mins

and cycled 15.59 km in 0:59:18 h with Leif.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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