what should I name my youtube channel?


All my planning and testing filming equipment will not do any good if I do not upload any videos to youtube. As you might know, I already have a youtube channel called Tailorfairy, where I used to upload my sewing tutorials in a diashow kind of movie. Until I noticed how much more work it was to do the tutorials twice. So I stopped that pretty early. Having a small action cam now, with a headband I can mount it on, maybe I will try some sewing videos again in the future. But first I want to start another channel for my bicycle touring (and possibly other travelling) videos. I am still not sure about the name though. Of course, I could pick something like Wanderlustfairy or bicycle-touring-fairy. I myself often look for bicycle videos by women and click more on suggested videos when the channel name sounds feminine. To be utterly disappointed mostly since the woman behind the channel usually rides with other people, primarily men. So maybe it would be good to make it clear in the name that I am a woman who cycles alone? Or is that just me? What do you think? Any ideas, suggestions, wishes?

Thank you!

Your Fairy


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