Button and the bamboo bicycles


Today was a lot more adventurous than anticipated. It started with my printer, deciding that it did not want to print my Schleswig-Holstein-Ticket even though it just got new ink. I tried it quite a few times, and I have some half-printed pages to proof it. In the end, I had to trust that it would work in its digital form, which it luckily did. I still would have felt more relaxed with a paper ticket.

Then I went to the underground station, to get to Hamburg Dammtor to take a Regional Express to Kiel. Which all worked just fine until I reached Kiel and discovered that today was the day the busses of Kiel did a strike. So there I am in a strange city with no busses. And of course, google maps went on strike, too, or maybe it was the internet connection. Anyways I had to go old-school and go back into the train station and into the next bookstore and buy myself a map of Kiel. And start running… or at least walk really fast. Button in his cosy bag thought this was all an excellent adventure and was laughing a little about me getting nervous.

I am proud of myself though, I managed to get to our appointment just a few minutes late. Where did we go? We went to MY BOO, which is a company building bicycles out of bamboo. The frames in Ghana and the rest in Kiel.  To talk about my wishes and according to those, they will make me my dream-touring-bicycle. 🙂 (And it will even cost me less than the first draft said.) I always liked bamboo as a material and when I heard they build bicycles out of it… it was love at first sight.

So in about 6 weeks Button and I get to welcome a new family member. I have the feeling this bicycle will be a girl, but you never know until you met and pedalled for some km.

On the way back to the station I took some pictures of Kiel for you:

And I had to take a picture of this station/town name from the train window:


Button and I are already so excited about the new touring bicycle! What would your dream (touring) bike be made out of? What else would you wish for?

keep exploring and smiling 

your Fairy


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