what I think about the different camera mounts I tested for bicycle touring


I reviewed my footage from my bicycle tour to Lübeck and back, testing out the different camera mounts and comparing how I felt with the camera mounts on tour and how the footage turned out this is what I think and will do in the future:

I tested 4 camera mounts this time: on the helmet, a wristband, chest-strap, and on the handlebar.

The one on the helmet felt fine while cycling and shot some decent views. I could turn the head easily to capture something on the side of the road. So it will definitely be tried again, but never again with my winter helmet, it was just to difficult to get it on and off. Also, I thought I would have filmed me packing up my bicycle Leif, but the camera angle was all wrong for this, so if I want to show you how I pack up, I definitely need to find another solution.

Wearing the camera on your wrist is also not as wonky as I thought it would be. I also liked that you could point the camera easily to the side to show something. But I tend to have the wrist at an angle, so the footage is too. And I think it will be probably very uncomfortable in summer, without a thick gloves cuffs below it.

The chest-strap was by far the most comfortable to wear, but it shot mostly video of my handlebar. The good clips are when I am standing up while waiting for a green light or something. So this one will be for hiking adventures but not for bicycling.

Mounting the camera on the handlebar is easy to see and to press buttons, but I can’t turn the camera to the side. It still shot really nice videos. I already found a handlebar-mount that you can turn, so I think I will buy myself one. So then it will be almost perfect.

I also did one shot leaving the camera behind and filming myself pedalling, and while I felt pretty stupid doing that and turning back to get the camera, I have to admit I like the clip. So I will keep packing a tripod and do some more of these. Maybe after a while, it does not feel as embarrassing. 😉

Do you have any experience with camera mounts and bicycle touring? What are your favourites?

I will cut a touring video out of the footage soon, and then you can see for yourself.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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