new fabrics!


so I went fabric-shooping yesterday and wanted to show you what I bought and tell you what I plan to make of it, for those I already decided at least. I also have some more projects planned and you can decide in which order I am doing them, by voting for the one you want me to do first. (After I finished my tank tops of course.)

Ok now about what I bought:

jersey with stripes for another tank top (I like stripes)

found a retro-print jersey fitting the 70s phase I am in right now, have not decided yet, what to do with it, ideas are welcome.

this is a great fabric for pants, its a similar quality to denim with a little stretch, just in another color, but I dont feel like doing long pants at the moment, because I am hoping for a nice spring and summer, but will be a good autumn-project

this fabric is the same quality as the purple one I made my first dolman sleeve of and because it was such a great fabric to work with (doing a tank top of the rest) I had to buy this pink one

I just loved this print -retro again- and had to buy it, also not sure what to make of it yet, maybe a skirt? its an woven fabric and not elastic

and my three 70s colors jerseys I want to make into a color-blocking dress.

How do you like my fabrics? what do you see them made into? Dont forget to become a fan or follower on facebook or twitter to be informed about any new posts. (links in the sidebar)

keep sewing and smiling!

your TailorFairy


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