how to make a lined jacket with hood: cutting


here are the next steps for the  hooded jacket, how I made the pattern can be found here.

I used a really nice woven wool fabric for the outside of the jacket. I don’t know if you worked with woven wool, or wool flannell before, but both sides normally look pretty much the same, until you put the garment on and notice how the parts seem to look a little different in color or texture.

DSCF5112to avoid that the first thing I did was marking the wrong side with chalk

DSCF5113DSCF5114then I placed the pattern parts on and cut and then looked if all parts were marked on the wrong side after being cut

DSCF5115now I cut all pattern parts also from the faux fur I used for the lining

DSCF5116now I drew the darts onto the  fabric

DSCF5117and pinned the darts

DSCF5118same as the hoods (see how the wrong side is marked)

DSCF5119and the sleeves

I hope this was helpful, please come forward with any questions you have left!

Next time I will show you my first sewing steps. This jacket won a drawing vote, you can vote for the next tutorials, by voting for the october drawings here.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



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