how to sew a blouse-top: pattern and cutting


your votes gave me 3 winners of the burda patterns: blouse, blouse-top and cape. So I decided I will make the tops this month and put the cape in for voting again next month. I started with the blouse top, which is pattern #105 of burda 12/2014, in case you want to make your own version.

DSCF6532 First I copied the pattern-pieces out of the pattern sheet.

DSCF6533 since my width-measurements asked for a bigger size then my length-measurements I copied in length both sizes.

DSCF6534 and then used the shorter size

DSCF6535 on all pattern pieces

DSCF6536 then added seam allowance all around, then copied the front part for the facingDSCF6537 looks like thisDSCF6538 all pattern piecesDSCF6539 back piecesDSCF6540 front pieces

DSCF6571next I placed the pieces on the fabric, the spaces in between the pattern pieces are because of the check in the fabric, I hope I matched all pieces up right. and cut

DSCF6572 front parts without front sleeve

DSCF6573back parts

I hope this was helpful and interesting for you. Let me know if you have any questions, next week I show you the next steps.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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