My master craftsman of tailoring class: sports coat pattern construction


here is something again in my master craftsman class that I can actually show you, and that is my learning to construct patterns for men… which look not as straight lines and right angles as the ones for females, even though I wonder why, since its normally the women who have more curves, but anyhow this is what I got taught so far: 3 steps until the sports coat is finished: (now I am off to memorize the construction by redoing it in different sizes)

DSCF6602 you can already see how even the base-lines are not all in a 90° degree angle to each other

DSCF6604 DSCF6606looks pretty complicated, and I have to sew one like it, I will see  😉

So I hope this short look at what I am learning was interesting for you. I had troubles with my back again this week, but I am getting better, so I will get to work again on the blouse-top next week and finally show you the promised next steps.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy 


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