how to sew… the jacket #106 of burda 8/15: cutting


as promised yesterday the next steps for the jacket #106 burda 8/15. You can check back on the pattern here. By the way thanks for the vote, the clear winner was turquoise with some print parts. At the end of this post you can design this jacket again and help me pick the better look!

DSCF7632I placed all required parts on the print fabric, shoulder parts, pocket and sleeve-button-facing, and I also placed the centre front part on there, because it is the same as the facing I will need this part cut twice

DSCF7633then I pinned them all in place according to the grain, and the sleeve-button facing twice.

DSCF7634then I cut them all and cut into the seam allowance at the markings

DSCF7635now I placed the other parts and the centre front on the turquoise corduroy, pinned according to grain and cut

DSCF7636well I have two possibilities now, I could sew it together like this, with the print inside as the facing and just showing at the top where folded

DSCF7637or like this, with the print outside and turquoise as the facing showing at the collar.

What version do you prefer?

Do you like my print? You can order your own here.

Do you have any questions about this project so far? Do not hesitate to ask!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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