how to sew… the jacket #106 of burda 8/15: sewing3


I took this pictures about 2 months ago, back in Berlin. With my new sewing studio almost finished I thought I can share those steps with you now, since I will be able to take new pictures soon.

Anyhow if you just joining now or do not remember the first steps because of my long break, you can read about them here: pattern, cutting, sewing1, sewing2 


DSCF7742I placed the centre back seam on top of each other, right sides facing each other, wrong sides out

DSCF7743now I cut into the seam allowance to the end of my older seam.


then pinned the whole neckline

DSCF7745starting right at the end of the other seam

DSCF7746and sewed it

DSCF7747next I pinned the side seams

DSCF7748sewed and ironed the seam allowances apart

DSCF7749test wearing… looks ok I think

DSCF7750from the back. the different colors of left and right side are because my dye was spotty, I still kind of like it.

DSCF7751 (copy 2)my sleeve looks fitting too

DSCF7752 (copy 2)

DSCF7753so I pinned it into my arm-hole

DSCF7754ruffling it at the top, pinning a pin in the middle

DSCF7755then pinning again in the middle between those pins

DSCF7756and so on, until the additional fabric is ruffles evenly… if you prefer, you also do sew with wide stitching and ruffle by pulling on the threads

DSCF7759then I sewed my sleeves into the armhole

DSCF7757 (copy 2)my jacket so far

DSCF7758 (copy)

Do you have any questions about this project so far? Do not hesitate to ask!

I look forward to getting back to sewing and finish this jacket.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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