Its voting time!


today is the last day of april and I wanted to thank you all for making this month a big blogging success! 😀 You just broke any record I had until now.

Well today its your turn to vote for one of the drawings I made this month and the one with the most votes I will sew in may and make a tutorial for it! Some are already in the working, so if thats the case, I will write the garments that are up for the vote next to it. Here they are one more time:

DSCF41421— Blouse is WIP, so your vote would be for HAT and DUNGAREES


DSCF41523— vote is for the short pleaded SKIRT, since pants and jacket are WIP

DSCF41664— for the BLOUSE


DSCF4229already made so no number


DSCF42907T-shirt finished, so you vote for the SKIRT


You can vote for up to 3 in total:

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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