Naturlandet Rundt – cycling for my mental health day 3


Charlotte, Button and I are finally on the road again. We are cycling the Naturlandet Rundt. It is an 8 around the Danish Islands Lolland and Falster. You can read about the full trip here: day0, day1, day2

Today I took almost no pictures, I am sorry. It was a typical third day, difficult. The third days are always the worst and today it was also raining so even worse. But I am also proud of myself, but about that later.

First I have to share a few pics I took last night on the way from the bathroom back to my tent:

The night was ok, even though the birds and the boats made some weird noises that woke me up a few times. In the morning there were a few drops of rain and it was all grey outside. At least it was dry while I packed everything up. Even though I disturbed a little someone:

The day really did not start that bad. I left at 11:10 am and got back on the route well. 20 minutes later I took a quick snack break but forgot to take pictures. Shortly later I found some supermarket to buy chocolate, peanuts, gummibears and sirup, and just when I got back outside it started raining and I already was feeling pretty blue before. So I checked if I could cut a few km of my route, which I did and reached the end of falster. Here I could cross the bridge and there would be a campground just on the other side. But I managed to motivate myself to follow the route down to Nykøbing. I was wet and miserable and my main motivation was that if I turned to cycle south the wind should be from the back… which of course was not the case. When its raining I take to few breaks, because I do not like to stop in the rain. Which would be fine, but I need to get enough food in me, so I forced myself to stop at the side of the road to eat some snacks:

There are still not many signs so Iost my way and cycled some totally different way through the city to the campground. But at least I reached it and did not take the closer one. So I think I am allowed to be proud of myself. 😉

Button is totally wet by the way, Charlotte already is almost dry again.

We cycled today:

42.8km adding up to a tour-total: 84.9

3:41:46h moving Charlotte

average speed: 11.6km/h

max speed: 24.5km/h

277m of climbing and 179m of descending

Starting point: N 54°54,890′ O 11°58,909′

End: N 54°45,777′ O 11°53,909′

money spent:

145DKK for the campground

75DKK for snacks and sirup

I will be writing again tomorrow so you can pedal along with us! Do you have any questions? Requests?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy




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