Naturlandet Rundt – cycling for my mental health day 5


Charlotte, Button and I are finally on the road again. We are cycling the Naturlandet Rundt. It is an 8 around the Danish Islands Lolland and Falster. You can read about the full trip here: day0, day1, day2, day3, day4

Today was another bad day. This way cycling is no fun. I am always battling with my own mind.

The morning started sunny, and late. And then I got talked up by another camper again, who told me that he paid 150€ for the ferry. He was traveling with his wife in an RV. Until then my plan was to see how far I could get and test my mind for a few more days and if nothing changed getting picked up by my boyfriend. But considering that the ferry would cost that much and twice, I think it is safer and cheaper to just go on the ferry with Charlotte and getting picked up on the german side.

So it was 11:30 am when I finally left the campground to cycle into the small town of Nysted and find a supermarket. That was pretty hard to find and I bought myself some groceries just in case my mind would get better. Which it sadly did not. I finally started the tour at 12:30.

Just a short while later I had to take some pics of those weird trees:

And then I was battling myself and the wind and the signs and pretty much everything until it was after 2 pm and I had only managed 10 km. So I decided a chocolate break was definitely needed.

Sadly even chocolate did not change anything, so I cycled 10 more km to a shelterplads with space for tents.

It is really cute and has a small treehouse:

We cycled today:

22.5km adding up to a tour-total: 138.3 km

2:11:41h moving Charlotte

average speed: 10.2km/h

max speed: 21.6km/h

987m of climbing and 863m of descending

Starting point: N 54°39,255′ O 11°43,896′

End: N 54°40,287′ O 11°29,812′

money spent:

30DKK for the campground

109 DKK for groceries

I will be writing again tomorrow so you know what I have decided! Do you have any questions?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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