Naturlandet Rundt – cycling for my mental health day 4


Charlotte, Button and I are finally on the road again. We are cycling the Naturlandet Rundt. It is an 8 around the Danish Islands Lolland and Falster. You can read about the full trip here: day0, day1, day2, day3

Today was a bad day. I do not mean the wind, that was head wind, of course, I mean my mind. I was battling with myself. Maybe day3 came one day late this time. Then tommorow everything will be fine again. Or I am falling into another hole, then I am not sure if I can finish this tour.

In the morning before 8 am, when I left my tent I noticed one tent missing. Once again there was a early bird between us bicycle tourists, that had left before everyone else even woke up.

I am happy to report I had everything packed by 10:30 am. (This time I was the last one to leave the tent-areal.) After laundry it was 11 when we finally left.

First we had to find our way back through the city to reach the bridge connecting Falster to Lolland. The first benches on Lolland I used for a quick break:

5.6km in 29.44 min with an average speed of 11.2 km/h.

When looking on the map I noticed the zigzag the route was taking and decided to take a small shortcut if the street looked fine. And it worked out ok. Shortly later I found this bus-station-house where I could shelter from the cold wind for my next break:

14.4km in 1:12 hours with an average speed of 11.9 km/h

Then it got back into some forrest. Which was kind of pretty, but you had to open a big door to get inside and out and the road was so bad you had to use your full concentration. But I stopped and took a picture of all the white flowers that bloomed there. (I noticed them by the smell, as said I was very concentrated on the rocky road)

As soon as I was out of the forrest there was another bench. Even though I got pretty cold while sitting there because of the wind.

22.4km in 1:53 h with an average speed of 11.8km/h.

Shortly later I found myself next to the Baltic Sea once more. Which is a great view but also means battling the wind even more.

By the way I did not do a shortcut at the end part (when looking at the map), the route in the App was different than on the map.

The next shelterplads would have been 11km more with headwinds and the coast and considering my mental state I decided to stay at the campground in Nysted. They do not have special places for tents. So pitching my tent was pretty hard. But other than that it is fine here.

I just hope I wake up in a better mental state.

We cycled today:

30.9km adding up to a tour-total: 115.8 km

2:45:01h moving Charlotte

average speed: 11.2km/h

max speed: 19.6km/h

831m of climbing and 847m of descending

Starting point: N 54°45,777′ O 11°53,909′

End: N 54°39,255′ O 11°43,896

money spent:

146DKK for the campground

I will be writing again tomorrow so you can pedal along with us! Do you have any questions? Requests?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy




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